More than any other factor, an organization’s talent management strategy impacts its trend, growth, profits, productivity and reputation in the marketplace.

As an executive search firm, our belief is that the best performing candidates -especially at the middle management level and above- are seldom in an active career-change phase and rather than reading ads they stay focused on the impact they are making on their job.

At Zimma Executive Search, we stick our head through our client´s competitors and actively comb the market to find the best candidates, harmonically combining -on each of our actions- a rigorous method with the personal and expert touch that is needed to obtain outstanding results. Strategy and Technique. Science and Art.

We detect the intangibles that resumes, cover letters or detailed interviews cannot always reveal and nevertheless are paramount to a successful hire. It goes without saying that candidates we introduce to our client are not only those qualified to produce the desired business results, but those whose own professional career will be significantly enhanced by the opportunity the position offers, so as to access exceptional advancement within the organization we represent.



Every new search is different to the previous one: a new challenge, a new project to develop where we adapt our strategy to the characteristics and needs of each case.